JT Foxx Deals with Online Attacks Effectively and Professionally

JT Foxxwww.youtube.com/user/JTFOXXgetrichsmart

As a successful and renowned entrepreneur and property investor throughout the world, JT Foxx has also been a victim of online attacks. He has a lot of haters wanting to see him come down. Nonetheless, JT Foxx recognizes the fact that success brings out haters and jealousy, so he is no longer surprised of the number of haters he has and to read several online attacks.

At first, he did not know why and couldn’t really understand why people couldn’t just celebrate those who are able to make it so that they can learn together and become more successful. He actually used to let those haters and online attacks bother him a lot, but now, he have come up with realizations about haters. Because of his experiences, he come to a realization that whoever attempts to bring you down is below you and that haters do not really despise you. They actually hate themselves because you are a reflection of what they wish to be.


All people have a difficult time dealing with those who seem to want to see them fail, but JT Foxx shown the real characteristic of a true professional. While successful people are too busy living their lives, those negative people are also too busy and do not even sleep to write pages of disaffection comments.

JT FoxxJT Foxx unveiled some guidelines on how to cope with those attackers and haters seeking to drag you down. His first advice is to fire those negative people from your life and never let them affect you. The second one is to surround yourself with more successful and positive people than you are. This way, you will become more motivated to do better each day and allow them to serve as your inspiration to become more successful. In addition, you have to expect that other people will be jealous of the success you have obtained, and when attacked, just smile and say, “I am sorry, I have been a disappointment to you.”


JT Foxx is a successful entrepreneur and real estate investor and he is certainly not a stranger when it comes to business. He also experienced negative reviews and complaints from those who try to pull him down, as their complaints are actually baseless. Therefore, JT Foxx just think more about the helpful reviews he got and focus on the positive aspects of his life and professional career. He knows how important it is for any business owner to maintain a good reputation, regardless of the industry you are in that is why he always deal with those attacks professionally.


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